Things I love from Bonds: Lulu Edition

Thursday, July 30, 2015

 photo Things-I-love-from-Bonds_zpsrqmt1k5r.jpg
I have been a huge fan of Bonds from way back and it's no secret that most of Lulu's baby clothes were Bonds*. Bonds have just released new prints and by goodness they are awesome. Above is my pick for a Lulu outfit. She have the coral cardigan. It washes well and has been mistaken for hand made! The drop crotch pants are also a comfy win and she always gets compliments on them. Not pictured are the girl's jocks that Lulu just loves. The new season prints are just gorgeous and to make your heart melt, check out the Bonds Baby Lookbook!

*Bonds currently have a GOOD ethical rating. I am not affiliated with Bonds but am open to be...


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