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Thursday, August 13, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: Kmart Bargains
Sometimes Kmart just wins hey? Many times I have small heart palpitations wondering how on earth they could get something made that cheaply, but Good On You lists them as Good on their website, which means that Kmart are taking action to address it's impact on people, animals and the planet. They signed the Bangladeshi accord and they signed that they would not use cotton from Uzbeckistan, a country which uses child labour. So Kmart is working towards good ethical and environmental practices.

Anyway, I happened into Kmart the other day for a bit of a browse. Years ago I would look around Kmart every Saturday, but these days it happens once every few months. While I was browsing around I came across these awesome shoes for, wait for it, $7. Sale price of course, but still, BARGAIN. Turns out unlike other shoes purchased from Kmart or Target, these are actually comfy and don't give you blisters. Amazing.  Also picked up recently for a small fee of $12 was a pair of drop crotch black pants. Again they are extremely comfy. 

But the Kmart bargains do not stop there. They have bought in a range of outdoor furniture that is to die for. Not only looking great, but comfortable. Form and function? Unheard of! But yes it is true. This black couch is now at home on my back deck. I spent a long time sitting on it on Monday when friends were over for our wine and dorritos picnic day lunch and my butt did not get sore. Amazing.

Have you picked up any great bargains from Kmart recently?

PS Guess where the purse in this photo was from?

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  1. Love a good shop at Kmart - haven't been for awhile though so might have to change that sooner rather than later :) xx

  2. Haha we only have like 2 K-Marts in NYC and they're always so crowded. But I usually go there for food and house supplies as they're usually pretty cheap. Cute flats!


    COFFEESLAG What's In My Bag

  3. We have 1 kmart in a town of 28000 people & we complain about the line up at the checkout! I can't imagine the number of people who'd be at a kmart in NYC!!


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