3 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Thursday, September 3, 2015

3 Ways to fit exercise into your daily routine
If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I go to the gym quite regularly and you might be wondering how I manage to fit it in to my daily routine along with full-time work and a child? For me it’s all about planning and mind set along with the knowledge that I am going to feel 110% better if I go than if I don’t. Not going tends to lead to depression like symptoms but even if your feelings are not that drastic, here are 3 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine:

1. Trade Off With Your Partner
I have a husband who is totally capable of looking after Lulu and Nick loves to mountain bike so we trade off on who gets to exercise in the morning and who gets to exercise afterwork. In summer the prime time is the morning (by night it can be 40C!) and in winter the prime time is after work (the mornings can be -1C or lower - no one wants to be mountain bike riding or running in that!). The person not exercising looks after the child. If your partner doesn’t like to exercise then use something else to trade off. 

2. Decide the night before 
Make the decision to go to the gym the night before. Of course if you are organising childcare then yes that will happen the night before but what deciding the night before also does is take away that ‘will I/ wont I’ discussion you have in your head in the wee hours of the morning when your alarm goes off and it’s too cold to get out of bed. The night before I put my gym clothes into the bathroom so I can get out of bed without disturbing Nick, get dressed and go. 

3. Use your mornings
Personally I prefer to go in the morning. How often have you had a crappy day and by the end of it all you want to do is flop on the couch and cuddle your kid while you watch ABC 4 Kids? No that’s never happened to you? Agh, of course it has. By going in the morning your daily exercise is done and you can cuddle on the couch with your kid to your hearts content after work. 

How do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Do you go in the morning or at night or not at all? Have you used one (or all) of these methods before? I’d love to hear how you fit exercise into your daily routine. 

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  1. Nice article! Many mothers would love to exercise but are hindered by having children. If they have read your article, this would actually cheer them up.


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