Want to go on a camel ride?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

For my friend’s hen’s night last week, we were given a choice of camel riding or climbing Mt Gillen. Mt Gillen is about a 1hr climb to the top and is a little steep in the upper sections. While it is a beautiful place to drink champagne on top of, it is a little dicey climbing down after a champagne or two, not to mention needing a shower when you get down. Considering this was an after work activity and it could be dark by the time we would be descending…….. Camel riding was the perfect option.  photo Camel-Ride6_zpsbz7dmt5d.jpg
Imagine the red dirt and slow meander of the camel as you head toward the West Mcdonnell Ranges, sun setting on your left. It was the perfect time of day for viewing the country in all the wondrous colour that a Territory sunset throws up. A great prelude to an evening of conversation and catching up. 
 photo Camel-Ride3_zpskkmayo9h.jpg photo Camel-Ride4_zpsptfuyn2r.jpg photo camel-ride_zps3yiakmii.jpg photo Camel-Ride5_zpsqf3k6anu.jpg
Camel rides by Pyndan Camel Tracks

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