September Renovation Update

Thursday, September 10, 2015

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I’ve had a few questions lately about what we have left to do on our renovation. In answering this question I realised that we have made progress since March. Yay! There are still a few small (actually major) things left to do.

Things have moved along from the last update post back in March:

Outdoor laundry We have a bench top and splash back for the outdoor laundry. Nick cut the bench top from plywood and a friend tiled it for us. 

Bathroom Nick installed a towel rack in the bathroom and product holders (a shelf) in the shower. 

Roof Nick has also painted the roof white with solar insulating paint. This wasn’t on the list in the last post, but supremely beneficial for hot Alice Springs summers.
GIRL IN THE PJS: Outdoor laundry
The outdoor laundry bench top and splash back
What’s needed to complete the renovation?
We just have two major things:

Kitchen The kitchen still requires a splash back behind the stove top. This is waiting on the bench tops to go in. We have not been living without bench tops, there is plywood in place for now. This was a ‘quick fix’ that has now been nearly a year. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel! Nick has engaged someone to come to measure and draw the plans for the bench tops. Once this is done the benches can be ordered. Then we wait 8 weeks, then they are delivered and installed. Then splash back is tiled. Then the kitchen is finished and I will post photos. Here is what it looks like now:
GIRL IN THE PJS: Kitchen progress
The current splash back. Fake bricks a beautiful addition from the previous kitchen.
House Exterior This was left in a somewhat potholed state. There is a little bit of patching to do before the exterior is painted. Our house is currently a light pink with a heritage green trim - great combo but not really what we are wanting it to stay. Lulu would like it to stay pink but luckily Nick and I can outvote her. I have finally chased up the painter. He popped over on Monday to say that he can fit it in in a months time and he’ll organise a meeting with us in about three weeks time to  talk colour samples. 

 GIRL IN THE PJS: Exterior current colour
Pink, heritage green and the new screen door in grey - a winning combo
Have you undertaken a renovation? Did things run to schedule or were there big time blowouts? Things are happing a little slower than I might like, but at least there is progress hey?! 

Ps Renovation Update March

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  1. I love the new look of your outdoor laundry! It's stylish, neat, and BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Thanks so much! It has been a bit of a process but is all coming together now.


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