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Thursday, November 19, 2015

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I love reading about people's routines, so today I thought I would share my morning routine with you!

When you have a 3 year old, you don’t tend to need an alarm. Lulu wakes me up anywhere between 5:30am and 6am. Nick and I alternate which mornings we exercise (You can read about how we fit exercise into our daily routine here). If it’s his day to go mountain bike riding* then I play with Lulu, make coffee and breakfast. For breakfast I love muesli and Lulu normally has toast.
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Post breakfast is a scramble to shower, clothe, hair and make-up before getting Lulu ready. By the time I’m ready, Nick is normally home to help get Lulu ready. I then prepare her daycare things while he gets ready.  

We leave Triple J on in the morning as a time keeping devise and because for the most part, they tend to play great music in the mornings. 

Nick’s work is across town and takes longer to get to, so I drop Lulu at daycare.  We’re normally backing out of the driveway around 7:50am. The daycare drop off is usually a fairly easy process. She loves her daycare and her friends and is easily distracted as soon as she gets there.  I then drive to work. To get a little more exercise in my day I have been parking a little way away from my work and I normally arrive a little after 8am which I make up at the end of the day. 

What does your morning routine look like? It is all rushed or a little relaxed? Please share in the comments below.  
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Saturday Mornings - Coffee and TV on the couch!

*If it’s my day to exercise then I head to the gym and shower there before heading home to help get Lulu ready for daycare. 

Ps 3 Ways to Fit Exercise into your Daily Routine

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