10 Kids Activities in Palm Springs

Thursday, February 18, 2016

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When we were booking our trip, the travel agent told us that we only really needed 2 days in Palm Springs. Anything more and we's get bored. There's not much to do there, he said, better to spend only two days and then hit up theme parks in San Diego. There's nothing wrong with theme parks but we had planned three days at Disneyland at the beginning of the trip so for the end of the trip we were after something a little different. A week in Palm Springs sounded perfect, so we insisted on a week in Palm Springs and boy are we so glad we did! Even after a week we still hadn't done all of the activities that Palm Springs has to offer and we didn't visit a single golf course, not one (there are apparently 145 golf courses in Palm Springs, though the number varies depending on who you talk to!). This post is a little round up of 10 kids activities in Palm Springs.
 photo Palm-Springs-Art-Museum_zpswbjdd9fs.jpg
Palm Springs Art Museum
The activities tested by us:
1. The Palm Springs Art Museum
2. Cabezon Dinosaurs (this is not a whole day trip)
3. Sunnylands Centre (we did this the same day as the Art Museum)
4. Joshua Tree National Park (a day trip)
5. Playground then swimming
6. Walk around downtown
7. Palm Springs Architecture Design Museum
 photo Sunnylands_zpsixovcslk.jpg
Sunnylands Centre
What we were not able to do:
8. Aerial Tramway
9. Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert
10. Hire a bike trailer and bike around town
 photo Joshua-Tree-National-Park_zpsdepslfu7.jpg
Joshua Tree
Have you been to Palm Springs? Is there anything that I'm missing? We had such a good time there. I throughly recommend it as a holiday destination.

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