Renovation Update Kitchen February 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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The renovation continues into it's second year (third if you count when we started getting the plans drawn up!). In the kitchen, we decided to go for a granite bench top that Nick could order through his work. It took a fair while for Nick to place the order but it was finally placed in November 2015. In late December the company emailed to say that they were having trouble finding a piece of stone big enough and now that they had found something big enough their factory was closed until January 4th. Fair enough.

Last week they called to say that when they were cutting the bench top IT BROKE! Now they need to start again from scratch. AGH. Apparently it won't take long. I am not holding my breath. The white plywood is great for photos and the multicoloured wall with fake brick is a good talking point. How boring would it be if we just had a nice tiled splash back and granite bench top?!

 photo Renovation-Update-1_zpsiuujevbr.jpg

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