A day at Glen Helen Gorge

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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My brother visited us back in November and one of the things on his list to do while he was in the Centre was to head out to Glen Helen. We, of course, obliged.

Glen Helen Homestead Lodge is an easy day trip from Alice Springs. There is a permanent waterhole a short distance from the lodge, known as Glen Helen Gorge. It's quite deep and it seems the water never gets stagnant. The water tends to be cool because of the great depth of the gorge. 

The day we went was a really hot day so swimming was high on the agenda, but not before we had a huge burger at Glen Helen Homestead Lodge. One of the great things about Glen Helen is that there is food for sale there. It's rare that you can head out bush for the day and not have to pack food. We are always incredibly last minute in our plans so being able to purchase lunch means that we can just take off to Glen Helen for the day without much preparation. The food there is great and yes, we waited the obligatory time after eating before swimming, the time was mostly taken up with sunscreening and then walking to the waterhole. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Lodge. Which doesn't sound far, but in the heat, with a three year old, I can tell you, it is far. It was worth it though! The scenery is beautiful and the water was just perfect. Plus there were hardly any other people there. Our own little oasis!

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  1. I love this place. Have such amazing memories from here. Your photos make me feel inspired to update my own with a trip out there asap! hehe xo

    1. You so should! They have had a ton of rain in the last week & the Finke River is flowing. It'd look spectacular x


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