DIY Painted Easter Eggs

Thursday, March 17, 2016

 photo DIY-Painted-Easter-Eggs_zpsvcq66q1j.jpg
I love looking at pictures of painted easter egg, they just look so beautiful. So detailed and delicate. Have you ever painted easter eggs? I have never tried but I think that painting easter eggs may not lie within my skill set, based on my recent experience decorating cookies. Although the chalkboard eggs might be a good starting point! If painted easter eggs are within your area of expertise or you just want to give it a crack (so to speak!) here are a few awesome DIYs for Painted Easter Eggs.
 photo paint-splattered-easter-eggs_zpssonbhq2e.jpgPaint Splattered Easter Eggs on Squirrelly Minds
 photo chalkboardeggs_zps1hlblg5q.jpgChalkboard Easter Eggs on Small Fry Blog - let the kids decorate them with chalk
 photo gold-eggs_zpsjbghxf7r.jpgDIY Easter Eggs on Miss Renaissance
 photo pink-crescent-moon-easter-eggs_zpsmmrhgkzo.jpgCrescent Moon Easter Eggs on Paper and Stitch

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