Kitchen Renovation Update March

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

 photo RENOVATION-UPDATE_zpsv6grciyz.jpg
Just a quick note to say that our bench tops were due to be installed last week. Nick had our work crew assembled. They removed our makeshift plywood benches.

The new bench tops were unwrapped to find:
a. The one for the stove didn't have the cut out
b. The big bench for the island had BROKEN IN TRANSIT
 photo Kitchen-Bench-2_zpsz0suzhkh.jpg
We are now waiting on our builder to cut out the bench for the stove. It can then be installed and then the splash back can be tiled. The oven has been plugged back in but we do not have a stove top for now.

The supplier is going to send a new bench for the island - hopefully packed much better. This will add another month of waiting, at least!
 photo Kitchen-Bench-1_zpsogju7pfn.jpg
A peak as to what our bench would look like if the rest hadn't broken 


  1. Oh oh... Is now a bad time to tell you that the tiler has gone on holiday? -Nick


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