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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

 photo Kitchen-Tile-Inspiration_zpstfkohcjy.jpg
Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that I haven't had white hexagonal tiles put aside since we began our renovation back in August 2014. But saying I hadn't, these are a few kitchen tiles that I would be interested in. Note that hexagonal tiles appear in two of the photos and a third is the same tiles that we have in our outdoor laundry. So yeah, luckily my tastes haven't changed! Which are your favourite?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a quick kitchen renovation update, the saga continues!
 photo Kitchen-Tiles-Inspiration_zpsahc05jor.jpg
white hexagon annabode photo Kitchen-Tiles-Inspiration-04_zpsvqibtc5j.jpg
white square with black grout via my scandinavian home
 photo Kitchen-Tiles-Inspiration-01_zpsy0qgingk.jpg
tiny white hexagon tiles via a house in the hills
 photo Kitchen-Tiles-Inspiration-02_zpsju3r8org.jpg
black and white tiles via my ideal home

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