The Nappy Collective Alice Springs May 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Our littlest volunteers with the nappies collected last May
The Nappy Collective collects your leftover unused disposable nappies and redistributes them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need. The first collection for 2016 will run from May 6 to May 20 in Alice Springs as well as numerous other cities around Australia.

From now until May, go on a little clean out of your place and find:
  • the half pack you baby grew out of before you could finish them
  • the brand you accidentally purchased that doesn't suit your kid
  • the pack left at the grandparents house or daycare that no longer fits
  • the three nappies at the bottom of the swim bag that your baby has grown out of.
Alice Springs Collection Points
There are 4 collection points in Alice Springs this May:
Birth and Beyond - they are now in Reg Harris Lane
Exotiq Homewares
Ju Ju Beane

What happens after you donate?
Following the collection, volunteers collect the nappies from all the collection points. The nappies are counted and sorted into sizes. The three nappies you donated are added to the 5 someone else donated and the two someone else donated to make a pack of 10. Collectively we can make a difference. The are then packed in boxes and marked with the number of nappies in each box and the size. The nappies are then delivered to the Alice Springs Women's Shelter.

The Alice Springs Women's Shelter
The nappies are used at the women's shelter to help women and their children staying in the crisis accomodation. The Shelter also has a number of community outreach programs and the nappies are used in these programs to help out struggling families.

This May, please help out Alice Springs Mums in need by donating to the Nappy Collective. Pick up an extra pack of nappies with your shopping and drop them into one of the 4 collection points in Alice Springs. 

Ps The Nappy Collective Alice Springs

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