Weekend Getaway at Glen Helen

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Nick is enjoying a little paternity leave at the moment so we decided at the last minute to head out to Glen Helen Homestead Lodge overnight on Friday. It seemed to take forever to get everything ready and all of us into the car, but really it only took 2.5 hrs and that included time for both of us to have showers and a preschool pick-up plus filing the car with fuel, so not that long, really.
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On the way to Glen Helen we stopped in at Ellery Big Hole to have a quick toilet break and to give Zelda a feed. This break turned into a swim for Lulu as well. In true Territorian fashion, we forgot to pack bathers for Lulu so she swam nudie.

There was another family there who asked me how old Zelda was and then asked if we were from here. When I replied yes, she said 'oh good' in a very relieved way. I am unsure if the reply was in response to Lulu's nakedness, Nick telling the British backpackers the best place to jump in from or Zelda being 'too young' to be out and about. Either way it seemed a little judgemental.
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After Ellery we headed onto Glen Helen. Aside from an incident with their galah, Gee, everything went well. A cozy cabin and dinner in the restaurant. Zelda only woke up 4 times in the night - agh!

We came prepared to make breakfast ourselves, bringing eggs, bread, bacon & hot sauce. Nick cooked an awesome breakfast. Glen Helen even supply BBQ utensils, which was awesome because of course we forgot them! A big shout out to the wonderful people who shared their tomato sauce with Lulu, as we also forgot tomato sauce. It was so nice to get out of town and one night was just enough for me.
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Accommodation: Glen Helen Homestead Lodge

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