Renovation - Bathroom Before and After

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Prior to the renovation, our bathroom was an extremely tired looking early 1970s affair. Complete with lacy curtains, mustard sink and bath combo, cramped shower with a linen cupboard that you could access from from the hallway. There was no storage space in the bathroom itself, aside from a very narrow 'shaving cupboard' and no shelving in the shower. Plastic towel rails, no ventilation and weird sea themed wall decals. The room was dark and dingy and a little depressing, need I say more?
 photo Bathroom-Before_zpsjs7q81qp.jpg
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The new bathroom is light, bright and feels very spacious, despite it being a small space. We took out the linen cupboard, widening the existing shower space to fit a bath. We took out the existing bath and put a toilet behind the door (not pictured). A big picture window was inserted in the original window space. A wall mounted draw vanity helps to create a bigger space, as does the new round mirror.

 photo Bathroom-4_zpsy1dn1fwn.jpg photo Bathroom-6_zpsbqqjsi7n.jpg photo Bathroom-3-pic_zps4eqpc5wl.jpg photo Bathroom-2_zpsyipo5zr2.jpg photo Bathroom-9_zpsk3byaq5q.jpg photo bathroom-7_zpssms6w9ts.jpg
This is the first bathroom that I had designed from scratch. Nick has had a little more experience. We sketched out many variations before finally settling on this design. I had wanted to include a linen cupboard in the bathroom but I am really glad that I let Nick talk me out of it. A linen cupboard would have made the space feel much more cramped.

We are so happy with how the bathroom has turned out.

Tiles, bath, vanity, sink, shower, towel rails and mirror from Taps Tubs & Tiles
Towels from Target
Door from Home Hardware
Light from Exotiq Homewares

Ps Our inspiration - Retro Modern Bathroom


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