The Little Range saved our camping weekend

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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We almost didn't make it out to Uluru Picnic Day Weekend. Lulu came down with a fever and cough on the Friday before, Zelda had weepy eyes and I was suffering from allergies and what turned into a scratchy throat and mild sinus infection. With illness, you normally just hunker down at home, but we had been looking forward to this weekend since March. We hadn't been out of town overnight since our quick trip to Glen Helen in May and if you live in Alice Springs, you know that the key to your mental health is getting out of town every so often. With no more public holidays until Christmas, now was our only chance, sickness or no sickness, we just had to go. Lulu doesn't really nap at home, I thought the drive out would give her a chance to sleep and that getting away for the weekend might do us all some good. And do you know what? It did. What also saved us was a delivery we had the week before from the Little Range.

Lulu still had a chesty cough at night and in the early morning. To help her sleep better we used Little CoughsLittle Coughs is a cough syrup based on an extract of ivy leaf, which acts as an expectorant. to help thin and loosen mucus, making it easier to clear the chest of congestion. I like that it is a natural solution and it worked a treat, easing the cough as she fell asleep. 

As for Zelda, we cleaned her eyes regularly using Little EyesLittle Eyes are individual wipes that are sterilised, hypoallergenic and pH balanced to moisturise and gently cleanse the delicate skin around the eyes. Normally at home I'd make up a salt water solution and clean her eyes with that and a cotton wipe but for camping, Little Eyes are just too convenient. I've also added a pack or two to the change table for early morning convenience too. We have also used the FESS Little Noses Spray as Zelda seems to have contracted my sinus infection, poor baby. 

Seriously, I'm not sure what it is about August, but August always seems to be the month that we get struck down with illness. It's the time when you think that you have survived the winter and you start to let your guard down. My sinus infection and sore throat seems to be clearing up (I've been using the FESS Nasal Spray) but then a cold sore appeared tonight! Queue lots of Zovirax and Lysine tablets. Here's hoping we are all on the mend and thanks to the FESS Little Range for helping ease my girls' aliments.

Ps Sick Days, Easy Chicken Soup, Guillain Barre Syndrome

We were given the Little Range to try, all opinions are my own. 

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