Uluru Picnic Day Weekend

Thursday, August 4, 2016

This past weekend was a long weekend for Territorians. A Territory sponsored day to have a picnic, entitled 'Picnic Day'. We took the chance to head down to Uluru. The main reason to go to Uluru was to see the spectacular light installation that is on at the moment, but we did not book for the lights early enough, so we missed out. Somehow I also managed not to take a great photo of Uluru so there will be no specky Uluru pic here either. But we all seen specky Uluru photos before. What you haven't seen before and you will see here are a few random photos from our weekend. And yes, we turned Picnic Day into one giant long weekend picnic.
 photo Uluru-1_zpsseld0oib.jpg photo Uluru-5_zpsnttbeyvk.jpg photo Uluru-3_zps3zpkty3b.jpg photo Uluru-4_zpsqxjesxkf.jpg photo Uluru-6_zpsi3jujxxi.jpg photo Uluru-2_zps02v8wbft.jpg

Ayres Rock Campground at Yulara

Nick's Slow Cooked Brisket, Jade's Bacon & Eggs/Pancake & Marshmallow Breakfast, Scotty's Hot Dogs, and Sails Buffet Breakfast

Best find
Empty sunrise viewing area for feeding Zelda and filling up water bottles

Ps Porteau CoveCamping at Squamish, Essentials for camping with a baby


  1. Marshmallows on Pancakes... Brilliant.

    1. What else can you do when there is no syrup?!


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