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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
A friend gave me an adorable onesie and nappy cover for Zelda when she was born. It turns out that the clothes came from a cute baby clothes store at the Todd Mall Markets. Sugar & Spice stock baby and children's wear, decor and accessories newborn to size 5. They have so many adorable things, you can't help but purchase something each time you walk past. 

Today I have asked Sophia, the woman behind Sugar & Spice to give us a few insights into herself and the business.
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
The idea for Sugar & Spice came from..... 
Sugar & Spice came to be because of my two girls and the fact that Alice  has been without a baby/kids shop for about 3yrs.  I thought about this concept for good while and then once Lola (my youngest) was born, I just decided to go ahead and do it.

The most challenging part of running your own business is.....
Not having anyone to guide you or tell you that you are doing the right thing, you just have to take everything as it comes and trust your instinct and be open to learning on the spot.
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
Your time management secret is.....
Time management secret is being lucky enough to have a lot of family around to help with the girls.

Your style essentials are....
Definitely skinny jeans and converses. 

You relax by..... 
I relax by hanging out with my little family and reading.

Catch Sugar & Spice at the Todd Mall Markets, online or on Facebook or Instagram
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs

PS - The Small Store

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