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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs
Nothing But Bibs is a cool Alice Springs business creating, you guessed it, Bibs! Kirstin, the awesome lady behind Nothing But Bibs, has sourced great fabrics with modern prints. Her bibs are extra big to fit the chubby necked babies. She also makes full length bibs for feeding, as well as drool bibs with attached teething toys. Is there anything she doesn't do? Today I'm asking her a few questions about what makes her business tick.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

The idea for Nothing But Bibs was mainly due to having a baby and not liking any of the bibs I'd find. Plus I love sewing and needed something to keep me sane! So I thought...why not give it a whirl! 

The most challenging part is juggling Xavier and trying to get sewing done hahaha! Since he now more active and sleeps less I get much less time now during the week. But I still manage to sneak some sewing or cutting in while he is playing.

Time management secret...well it's not so much a secret...time management is hard! At the moment I have small orders which I like as this helps to ensure I can get things made in a timely fashion. The weekends are taken up by a lot of sewing though especially if Xavier if in one of his no sleep patterns during the day. 

Style essentials? A shirt without spew or food on it hahaha! /react-text 

I relax by watching movies...spending time with my beautiful family and just chilling out at home. I'm a bit of a home body so enjoy my time at home. Oh and reading...I'm a huge reader

A huge thanks to Kirstin for sharing a little insight into the lady behind the brand. You can shop all the awesome Nothing But Bibs here.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

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