Our Renovation From Beginning to End

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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We received the plans for our renovation in August 2013. The renovations started a year later in 2014. The final piece of skirting was put into place in December 2016. The process has been long but it is finally finished. Over the years you may have missed a post or two relating to our renovation, so I have gathered them together in this one penultimate post. Happy renovating!

Renovation Quotes

Week By Week
The Renovation Begins
Renovation Surprises Positives and Negatives
Renovations Week 2
Renovations Week 3 & 4
Renovations Week 8
Renovations Week 9
Renovations Week 10

Renovation Updates
Time Management
September Renovation Update 2015
Renovation Update February 2016
Kitchen Renovation Update March 2016

Before and After
Open Plan Kitchen and Dining
Dining Room
Lulu's Room
House Exterior

Exterior Paint Colour Inspiration
Retro Modern Bathroom
Kitchen Tiles Inspiration
4 Inspiring Dining Rooms
Backyard Paving Inspiration
It's time to light the lights
Kitchen Renovation Inspiration
Bathroom Renovation Inspiration


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