Sleep: Something that I used to Know

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Remember Easter weekend when I said that we were going to have a cruisy weekend, take it easy, watch lots of telly and chillax? Well, our little lady had other ideas. Much like Christmas time, she decided that sleep was something optional, well, not entirely optional, just that she'd prefer if sleep happened while she was in my arms. Not in our bed, oh no, in the chair in her room - ugh. Every time I thought she was asleep and put her down inner cot, she woke up again. Until 3:19am when I did take her to our bed and she stayed asleep - yay! Until 5:54am when she did successfully transfer to her cot after waking. Nick managed to clock a big 2 hours sleep before his Easter Sunday mountain bike race. How's that for race prep? Needless to say we were both a wreck Easter Sunday and Easter Monday when she did the same thing.

Things went back to normal during the week following Easter. We are super lucky in that Zelda does sleep through some nights from about 10:30pm. So there is never really a sleep problem we can fix. We can be assured that there is something genuinely upsetting her if she is refusing to sleep. But oh it does get frustrating when you want to be asleep or at least lying in a bed!

Last Saturday night it all went south again with 4 wake ups before midnight. She did manage to sleep from about 1am until 6:30am in her own bed. But Sunday night, my goodness. She refused to let Nick settle her. He has been our saviour the past few weeks with her letting him put her into the cot but not letting me. This has all been upturned and now she won't even stop crying when he picks her up, which is heartbreaking. After a night of almost no sleep, I knew I was staying home from work to look after her. I went to pick her up so that we could take Lulu to school and when I got her up out of our bed (where she had slept happily from 6:30am but refused to sleep during the night!) she had conjunctivitis. Double whammy. A public holiday Tuesday is just what we need to catch up on everything. We have stoked up on eye drops, Little Eyes, and Nurofen/Panadol and we have her 1 year old needles this afternoon too. It can only get better hey?!

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