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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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We all know that parenting can be super hard; the never-ending laundry, picky eaters, no sleep! But for families in crisis, or mothers in shelters who are escaping domestic violence, their challenges are much more serious. One of the most significant challenges for these mothers can be the ability to provide basic healthcare items for their babies and children such as nappies. At an average of 45 cents each and with newborns using up to 3000 nappies in their first year, nappies are one of the largest ongoing costs of raising a young family. 

From May 5-19 inclusive, The Nappy Collective is calling on families across Australia to address this rising and significant need through the donation of their leftover nappies, which will provide vital material aid to mums in need, and help share the joy and love of Mother’s Day. The May collective spans 50 cities and towns across Australia, where over 340 workplaces will collect hundreds of thousands of left-over, unused, disposable nappies (largely destined for landfill). 

In Alice Springs there will be 3 drop points, Exotiq Homewares, Olivia’s Closet and Star of Alice Cafe

The Nappy Collective will then sort and redistribute the collected nappies to over 180 organisations around Australia that support mothers fleeing family violence, asylum seekers, refugees and families struggling with homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, and extreme financial hardship. In Alice Springs, these include Ampe Akweke Place and the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter.

“The stories from our beneficiaries of the sheer relief and gratitude of the mums when they receive their nappies is what drives the ongoing commitment of The Nappy Collective. A handful of nappies may not mean much to you or me but they make a huge impact on a mum in crisis and, importantly, show her the community truly cares.Sandra Jacobs, Founder

Clean out those cupboards, your nappy bag, the car and pop the nappies in the collection box at any one of the numerous drop points in Alice Springs or around Australia. If you don't use disposable nappies, then please consider adding a pack to your shopping cart this week and donating them. Every little bit helps. 

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