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Girl in the Pjs is written by me, Alli. I'm an Anthropologist and lover of wine, coffee, tex-mex, running, tv & pjs. I moved to Alice Springs in my early 20s and fell in love with my job, the town and a man! While we tried to move away, Alice Springs kept pulling us back and we have now made our home here with our two daughters and our fluff ball cat, Sir Elton. Sometimes I wear pjs all day and that's ok.

Girl in the Pjs
Believes that a night at home in your pjs is better than any night out. 
Lives in Alice Springs
Loves her family, tex-mex, wine, tv
Can't live without coffee, internet, iphone, macbook

Let’s be friends!
I love getting emails from readers. Please feel free to write to Alli at girlinthepjs@gmail.com. 
We can also catch up on Twitter | Pinterest Facebook | Instagram

Girl in the Pjs loves working with small businesses & bloggers and is happy to create partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Please email me at girlinthepjs@gmail.com for more information.
At times Girl in the Pjs posts will be in partnership with other sites. These posts will always have a disclaimer. 

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