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Toddler Dinner Battles

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 photo pantry_zpsad60fe42.jpg
I made Lulu dinner, green beans blanched a little softer than I'd like with fetta and dressing of natural yoghurt, flaxseed and lemon juice. I added a few pieces of ham to the bowel and announced that dinner was ready. Lulu came running into the room up to her new table, took one bite and said 'yuck' and spat the bite out. By this stage I was putting away dishes and wasn't quite sure what I heard. She had never said 'yuck' before. I explained that she should eat her dinner, I had a bite of beans and said 'yum' and then when I couldn't convince her to have any beans I offered her a bite of just the meat and cheese. She took it in her mouth and then spat it out saying 'yuck' again. THEN she picked up her bowl and said 'away', 'away' as she walked to the pantry and tried to shut her food into it!

I have to admit I was trying not to laugh. Maybe the dinner was a bit rich? She likes all of those things separately, well, I've never tried flaxseed oil with her before or beans, but the rest she has had. In fact this morning she was running around sucking half a lemon. What do you do when your two year old won't eat dinner? When she was younger we just gave her something else because we knew she must be hungry and we could choose that something else. I kind of don't what to that now she's bigger as she'll just learn that she can refuse what I give her and then insist on something else. This time, after checking with her Grandma that Lulu hadn't just eaten something at her place before I picked her up (she hadn't), Lulu ended up having a piece of plain bread. The bread was of her choosing (she'd tried to get the bag open while I was on the phone to her Grandma) but it wasn't the icy pole she had wanted or her special cheese (Babybel).

To top the night off, Nick came home from mountain biking with this....
 photo Nick-cut_zpsca16fdc6.jpg
A few stitches later and he's all better. Hopefully he won't bleed all over the white sheets..... and thank goodness it wasn't worse, as he was riding alone today!

Link Love

Saturday, January 18, 2014

 photo backyard-wet_zps5a93d9eb.jpg
The big wet has arrived. After a few days of 40 plus last week and over the weekend, the temperature has dropped right off here and the rain has begun. Yesterday was one of those days where it just drizzled on and off all day. Rather nice, especially when it happens maybe once or twice a year!

Links for your Saturday:
A reminder of how easy viruses spread over on My Yellow Heart - if you're sick, stay home. Carla from My Yellow Heart also has lovely beach shots in that post. I sure am missing the beach.

When I read the title of this post I wondered what on earth needed making over in Ronnie's life, she & her little family always seem so perfect in her blog. But we all tend to hide the bad & only show the good. It seems like the end of 2013 hit everyone for a six. Here's to better eating, early bedtimes, early rising, more exercise and just taking better care of ourselves in general so that we can take care of those around us.

A list of inside activities on Love Taza for all those in the souther and eastern states where the heatwave has yet to break.

I'll leave you with a few more photos of our soggy town. Happy Weekend!
 photo the-lane_zps0631a49e.jpg photo mbantua_zpsc083dc37.jpg

Out of town - Our day in the West Macs

Monday, September 23, 2013

 photo 1_zps19a87695.jpg photo 2_zps99eef263.jpg photo 3_zps4138b398.jpg photo 4_zpsd38816f8.jpg
My brother & his girlfriend were visiting us from Adelaide last week and on Friday we took the opportunity to get out of town and show them a little taste of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Our first stop was Ellery Creek Big Hole. Ellery Creek Big Hole is the closest waterhole to Alice Springs that always has water and with it's 'sandy beach' and no crocodiles (they're only in the Top End) it's a great place to go swimming. After waking from her nap at Ellery, Lulu refused to leave my side so I could only dip my toes in while holding her. The water was freezing, but refreshing on a 30 degree day.

We had our picnic lunch of roast chicken and salad rolls at Ellery (the constant effort to keep the flies off our food does not make for good lunchtime photos!) and then continued onto Glen Helen for another swim and an ice-cream. Lulu loved sitting at the bar in the Glen Helen Resort, telling her tales.

The ride home was marred by a huge spew from a tiny gal (a little too much ice cream I think) who then promptly passed out. It really was lovely getting out of town for a little bit. We need to do this more often!

Essentials for camping with a baby

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 photo Camping-with-a-baby_zps844d21b8.jpg

The weekend before last we went camping with Lulu and friends of ours who also had small children. We'd never been camping before with Lulu but with a little preparation on Nick's behalf, we managed to be quite well set up. Here is our list of essentials:

- Our friends brought a kids camping chair (1.). Lulu could not fathom how to get out of it and stayed sitting in it for a really long time. Bring one. Kids like having something especially for them that looks exactly like what the adults are using.
- A tent (2. ). No longer can just a swag (3.) do for camping. Kids need to be contained at nighttime. Nick bought one that not only fit a double & single swag but also Lulu's pram!
- A camping light (4.). The number of times we have gone camping without one cannot be counted. A light is a must for late night feedings inside that tent.
- Extra sheets for when the baby vomits in her swag (5.). I did not bring any extra sheets so she ended up sleeping in our swag & then the pram for most of the night.

Do you have anything to add to the list?

Music, Dirt & Dancing

Monday, May 6, 2013

 photo watching-bands_zpsd776cdfc.jpg photo 1_zpsda9c7687.jpg photo 2_zps6cd57d69.jpg photo Nick-Lulu-Bear_zps7521ee0f.jpg
The first weekend in May is a long weekend for Territorians, being the perfect weekend for a music festival. Wide Open Space festival is held annually on the May long weekend at Ross River Homestead. May is usually much cooler than April & the summer months, giving us a chance to rug up & dance by the fire. This year turned out to be significantly warmer than other years, with a DJed pool party making us wish we'd brought our swimmers & weren't looking after a baby. 

Lulu was a little freaked out the first day, not really warming up to the festival until after her afternoon nap. Festival going and camping with a baby is a whole other thing, a post about this will be forthcoming!

Read about previous Wide Open Space years here and here.

Cozy Courts

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Our courthouse has been yarn bombed! While it isn't a guerilla style yarn bomb (we saw the council worker putting it up), I still think it's pretty cool. It's a temporary artwork for the Alice Springs Desert Festival called 'Cozy Courts', but hopefully they'll leave it up a little longer. At least until the first rain....

Bushfire sunset

Monday, October 10, 2011

During our first two weeks back in Alice Springs there were numerous bushfires close to town. The air was filled with ash, making it seem cloudy when it wasn't. A lot of people had breathing difficulties and the fires are causing pneumonia in native animals (read more about that here). While the fires around town have calmed down somewhat, bushfires still rage out near the Plenty Highway. It is estimated that 20% of pastoral land south of Tennant Creek has burned and this figure doesn't include non-pastoral land. Scary stuff.

Crazy busy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I knew life would get crazy busy when we moved back to Alice Springs but I think I completely underestimated how crazy busy it would get. Between starting a full time temp job, picking out items to begin renovating my place (new tiles! new taps! Paint!), doctors & hospital appointments for my pregnancy, catching up with friends (I have a social life again - yay!), and day to day living (grocery shopping, washing etc) it has been non-stop go. 

My body chucked a fit about this yesterday and today I'm taking it easy. Ticking off everything on my list of online jobs, doing some washing and then baking healthy biscuits (cookies) to take to work next week. What are you up to today? Taking it easy or super flat out?

PS I added a new postcard set to my etsy store this morning. In this set you get to choose 4 postcards from a selection of 8. Check it out here
I know it seems way too early for this, but I also added two sets of 3 Christmas gift tags, eccentric snowmen & gingerbread. Check them out here & here. Did you know it's only ten weeks until Christmas? ARG!

Black & White

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The guy at the camera shop swore that this film was just like the Kodak Black & White 400 film that I bought last time, but now was out of stock. Turns out the film was nothing like the Kodak film & needed to be sent away for processing. I figured I'd find a place overseas to process it & almost a year later the film has been developed. Here are a few shots from around Alice Springs...
Love this car, but this laneway has a scary dog with a loud bark & I always nearly fall off my bike with fright each time I ride down it.

Can't wait to taste Casa Nostra's cheesy garlic focaccia & gnocchi with spinach again. 
I have no idea why I had my Diana Mini in the carpark of McDonalds. Guess I was picking up a Sausage McMuffin & Hash Brown on a hungover morning?? You can just see ANZAC Hill from behind the building. 

Frockin' Up - wedding edition

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last week I was back in Alice Springs for my friend's wedding. While I didn't have a chance to snap a photo before I left for the wedding (why am I always putting on nail polish ten minutes before I have to leave, then drying it with the hairdryer?) I did take one in my slightly drunken haze when I arrived home at 3am. 
Dress: One Teaspoon
Slip: Sportsgirl
Necklace: F21
Tights: H&M
Boots: a random store in Barcelona

PS How beautiful was this wedding? 

So Long Suckers

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today we leave Alice Springs for the big wide world. It's a little scary, but very exciting (10 out of 10 Noosh), so stay tuned. Over the next few months I will endeavour to update the blog as much as I can while we travel through Europe and Lebanon and eventually landin Canada for the upcoming ski season.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

In 14 days we're moving to Canada via two months in Europe! Our house is currently a bomb with boxes everywhere. I've never been good at throwing things out, especially clothes. I always think that I'll want to wear that piece next summer etc. But now my questions are 'do I want to take this to Canada?' or 'do I want to come back to this item of clothing in two years time?' It's surprisingly easy to throw out clothes when faced with the possibility of returning to them two years from now and thinking 'why on earth did I keep this?'

At the moment I have my system:
One box for sending to Canada
One box for keeping in Australia
One box for throwing out
The biggest box by far, overflowing in fact, is the throwing out box!

Nicker Crescent

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My house is on the corner of Nicker Crescent and Pedler Avenue. When I first moved in there was confusion as to whether the address was Nicker Crescent or Pedler Avenue. I've always thought that Pedler Avenue sounds better, until I came across biographical details about Lizzie Nicker. She was one tough cookie, ahead of her time.

Born in 1871 Lizzie was originally from outback QLD where she had left her husband due to bigamy. She took her two daughters to her sister’s sheep property. There Lizzie worked as a shearer. Lizzie was 157cm tall and always wore a hat, white gloves, petticoats, stockings and carried a parasol.

When work in that area died down, Lizzie left her younger daughter with her sister and brother-in-law and moved to a different district. There she gained experience as a bush nurse and midwife and she met Sam Nicker.

After collecting Lizzie’s younger daughter, they headed to Port Pirie in South Australia for work and onto Quorn. While they were in Quorn they heard of gold discovery at Arltunga and so Sam headed to Arltunga. At that time Lizzie was pregnant with their first child and it was thought best that she stay in Quorn to have the baby and travel to Arltunga after the birth.

Lizzie gave birth to a baby boy and she and the children joined Sam at Arltunga in 1903. The family first lived in a tent and then the miners helped by building a chimney and walls around the tent. Lizzie had bought with her seeds, chickens and a milking cow. She established a successful veggie garden at Arltunga. Whilst at Arltunga Lizzie’s second son was born.

The family began looking for a spot to built a homestead and found a spot on the Hale River between the Arltunga and Winneke mines. This property was named ‘The Garden’ after the garden that Lizzie established here. Lizzie gave birth to another son in 1908 at The Gardens.

Lizzie was known for her nursing and midwife skills. She tended patients at the mines and was often called to Stuart (now known as Alice Springs) 100km to the south-west to nurse patients and attend births. Stuart was the closest town to buy supplies and was where they collected their mail. At the homestead Lizzie was helped by an Aboriginal couple, Billy and Clara. Billy and Clara were often tended the homestead when Lizzie went to town for supplies. One such time, in 1910, Lizzie and the children travelled by horse and buggy to Stuart and they had barely reached the government well in the centre of town when they had to pitch a tent for Lizzie to give birth in! She gave birth to a girl, Margaret.

As visits to town became more frequent they leased a house and eventually moved to town. Sam found it hard to find work and bought a lease north of town at Ryan’s Well. He stocked it with sheep and the family moved there in 1914. There they built a homestead, Glen Maggie, after their daughter Margaret. They stayed at Glen Maggie until 1928 when Sam suffered from a stroke. Lizzie died of a heart attack in 1951.

It must have been so tough living in the Territory in those days. The heat, the files, lack of water, giving birth more than 2000km from the nearest hospital (no hospital in Alice Springs in those days). I am proud that my street has been named after a tough pioneering woman (though am pretty sure it was in honour of her husband, but I'm going to claim it for Lizzie).


Brown, S 2002 Legends of the Red Heart. Central QLD Uni Press, Rockhampton


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I often have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. Once I'm up I'm fine and annoyingly sunny, but it's the getting up that's hard to do. This song by Sally Seltmann was playing on Triple J the other morning and it has become my new theme song. It's about getting over a breakup but the chorus is about getting out of bed:

Get yourself up, get yourself up
Get yourself out of bed
This is a new day
This is a new day
This is a new day today

Snapping your fingers
Tapping your toes
You are humming a tune
You know, you know
This is a new day
This is a new day
This is a new day today

How could I not get up with that tune running through my head?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It got to lunchtime today before I realised I'd left my wallet at home. Luckily I had half a big turkish bread sandwich in the fridge from yesterday, but what about my lunchtime coffee? I did without, complained on facebook and then at 2:00pm my lovely colleague shouted me a coffee! I'm a lucky woman.

What's made you happy today?

Simpson's Gap Style

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Saturday morning I saw this photo on the blog Les Garsons de Glasgow. I thought to myself that you'd never see someone wearing those pants in Alice Springs. Low and behold we were having a picnic brunch at Simpsons Gap and there was a guy wearing the exact same pants. In the bush. I wasn't able to get a photo, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

In the news

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dispute over who should provide services to Mutitjulu (a community at Uluru) continues. A little while ago the Macdonnell Shire (the 'local' council, covering approx. 268,887 square kilometres) realised that the weren't responsible for providing services to Mititjulu, as the Federal Government through Parks Australia, holds the 99 year lease for the National Park within which Mititjulu sits. They immediately pulled their services and maintain that service delivery is up to the Federal Government. The Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation told the ABC that they had warned the Shire of this situation in the beginning, but they chose to ignore it until now. The community would like to control their own services. Hopefully a resolution will be reached soon - read more here

Traditional owners of Muckaty Station are launching a legal fight to stop construction of a nuclear wast dump on their land - more details here

An escaped prisoner has been updating his facebook status while on the run. He escaped last week while in the custody of the Townsville police and since then police have been following his exploits through facebook. They have yet to track down where he's updating from and he remains at large, with many new facbook friends - read more plus his mates' 'txt speak' here

Picture of Uluru taken by me on film in 2004

Plates of goodness

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last week we decided that we'd try to take more photos of things that make us happy. If possible one a day. Now that's a hell of a lot of photos so I think I'll try for now to go with one every few days.

The photo below is from Friday night. Since their reopening, the Rock Bar have put on a plate of nibbles for punters who are there on a Friday night. The best part of the platters (apart from wondering if they'll ever be stocked with soy sauce for the mini-dim sims, is the Chicken Kiev balls. Simply delicious. However the last few weeks we haven't received these plates of goodness and we suspect our friend may have some how upset the chef. She wasn't with us on Friday and we once again received our plate of goodness - coincidence? I think not.

This photo is from today. I made it into town to catch the tail end of the markets and picked up this lovely bunch of flowers from Marni's Fresh Flowers and if that wasn't enough, as I perused the second hand book stall I spotted Marian Keyes latest book!
What's made you happy today?

Slightly delayed - Finke Day 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Having arrived home from a dinner party at 2:30am, there was no chance I was going to wake up at 3:45am to head to my mates for the soccer. And from the results I don't think I missed much. I did manage, however, to crawl out of bed at 7:30am and get down to the Finke track to see the cars come in.

The appearance of a helicopter signals that a car is on it's way in, followed by the dust cloud way out in the distance, then out from the mulga the first car appears. This year Fellows/Bergamin were first over the line, followed closely by Gallard/Modistach, taking a tree out as the spun off track on their way to the finish line. A couple of minutes later came Alice Springs boys Auricht/Connelly into third place. Well done to Rob Cowie for making it into the top 25!
Roving cameraman Nick got all the stories from the drivers soon after they came across the line. The morning flew by and before we knew it, the bikes were in. Toby Price, Todd Smith and, local Alice Springs boy Ryan Branford taking first, second and third. Well done to Scott Cleghorn for coming in the top 200!

And yes, there was a hot tub at the finish line for those weary bones. Let's hope they'd changed the water from when the drivers were in it earlier in the day.

First three photos mine. The one above was taken by Justin Brierty, NT News from here

Day 1 - 2010 Finke Desert Race

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We struggled out of bed this morning and with the help of a decent coffee before we left, made it to the track by 6:20. As the sun was peaking out over the land we watched the cars start. Unlike Formula 1 the cars leave at staggered start times based on their Prologue time from the day before.

I didn't check the start times before I went out, but my cousin's car (yellow above) was placed near the front of the start pack, so he must have been pretty good. Turns out he placed 3rd in his class (Pro Lite V6), so very good. If you look closely at the photo below you can see his car in front & the other car with a V8 eating his dust.

I'm sure you're all dying to know the results from day 1, so here goes:

1. Toby Price
2. Todd Smith (two unknowns)
3. Alice's favourite Ryan Branford
At this stage they haven't registered Scotty Cleghorn as arriving at Finke....The anxious wait continues

1. Fellows/Bergamin
2. Rentsch/Rentsch
29. Cowie (go Rob!) sponsored by Sprint Auto Parts

The cars that started 1 & 2 did not finish, such is the grueling Finke Desert Race.
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